The ABCs of Paralegal Designations

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Whether you are brand new to the legal field or have years of experience, certification options can be confusing to many people. There are so many options to consider and many people qualify to take more than one certification exam, so how do you even know where to start? Maybe you aren't even sure if you should get certified because you have a degree. Attorneys are no help, they know they want paralegals to be certified, but they rarely know the significance or the steps involved in actually becoming certified. Its easy to get confused when choosing between CP, ACP, CRP, RP, PP, FCP, FRP and more... it can really become exhausting and many people just give up and put it on the back burner!

This comprehensive course written by paralegals for paralegals will walk you through each of the national certification options one by one, covering the intricacies of each. We'll discuss the importance of paralegal certification and go over options you probably didn't even know you had. This course will help you figure out which exam(s) you qualify to take and get you on the road to certification.

In addition to this valuable step by step guide to certification options, you will also receive a comprehensive list of national and state specific certification options complete with convenient links to each.

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Linda has been a paralegal since 1997 and currently works as a litigation paralegal in the Risk Management department at Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd. She previously worked at Arnstein & Lehr from 2010 through 2015 and prior to that at Zarco & Pardo, which later became Pardo & Gainsburg, where she worked from August 1997 through October 2010. Linda specializes in products liability, wrongful death and medical malpractice defense.

Continuing Legal Education Credit (CLE)

NALA: This seminar is approved by the Certifying Board of the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) for one (1) hour of non-substantive continuing legal education credit required to maintain the CP or CLA credential.

Please note: Topics such as law office management, computer training, and other law-related topics are considered by NALA to be under the non-substantive category, which is limited to 10 hours per five-year certification period.

FRP: As approved by NALA, this seminar meets the requirements under Rule 20-6.1 of the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar for one (1) hour of continuing legal education credit required to maintain the FRP credential.

A certificate of completion and instructions for posting credits from this program with NALA and The Florida Bar will be provided.

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